My research fields are behavioral economics, experimental economics, and information economics, and I study attention and perception, behavioral welfare economics, and information disclosure.

Recently updated papers:

Complex Disclosure (with Ginger Jin and Michael Luca)
Topics: Attention and Perception, Information Disclosure. Methods: Experiments.
     Latest draft: February 2021, Forthcoming at Management Science

What Do Consumers Learn from Regulator Ratings? Evidence from Restaurant Hygiene Quality Disclosures (with Tami Kim)
Topics: Information Disclosure. Methods: Experiments.
     Latest draft: January 2021, Forthcoming at Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization

Comparison of Decisions Under Unknown Experiments (with Andrew Caplin)
Topics: Attention and Perception, Behavioral Welfare Economics. Methods: Revealed Preference.
     Latest draft: December 2020, R&R at Journal of Political Economy

Contingencies, Framing, and Informativeness: Evidence from a BDM Experiment (with Edwin Munoz-Rodriguez)
Topics: Attention and Perception. Methods: Experiments.
     Latest draft: December 2020